Promo site development

What is a promo website

Promo site — is mostly a web page (or set of pages), which main tasks are to promote a product, service, brand or company in the Internet. Mainly, promo websites are used to attract attention during ongoing advertising campaigns, or to form brand image. Usualy one promo website is dedicated only to one product and focuses on interaction with visitor

Why should you get promo website development?

The main goal, that is being reached via promo website - is increase of brand popularity. With help of a impressive and interesting presentation site, you can:

  • 1attract attention
    of visitors
  • 2form
    company image
  • 3motivate buyers to perform
    certain actions
  • 4keep target
    audience loyalty

When do you need a promotional website?

  • 1When you are running a campaign on bringing a new product to the market. For example, a new car model, new collection, new drink or some hardware/software solutions
  • 2Promo website can be a presentational site that is used to demonstrate the capabilities of various features of any product
  • 3You need an effective tool for online order conversion in a particular direction
  • 4You need to increases brand, event, person or company popularity in general

Promo website usage

Promo site can be used as an auxiliary site for the corporate website. In addition, it is logical to use a promotional site during promotions for supporting any products or company's services. Just in case, if the company specializes in providing a single product or service, a promotional website can be used as the main representative website in the Internet

Promo website lifetime

Depending on the promotion campaign of the company that promo website is being connected, the lifespan of a promotional site can range from 2-3 weeks to several years

Promo website structure

Unlike other kinds of sites, promo websites do not have a common structure - because it primarily depends on the concept and the basic idea of ​​the site, its level of interactivity and the main "feature", that defines the mood

Promo website features

4Improved social integration

3High level of interaction

2Unusual concept

1Impressive design

Website examples

If you want to learn more about promotional sites created by Fresh Design Studio, we recommend that you take a look at the works presented below - each one of them is unique

Промо-портал о эко-водке GreenDay Промо-страница проекта Flash2HTML ПРОМО-РЕСУРС КОМПАНИИ «INVISIBLE MEDIA» САЙТ РЕСТОРАНА «PIZZA OVALE»