Portal development

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We are ready to take on the full range of work on the development of web portal for you or your company. Web portals are projects that mostly consist of large amounts of structured information, as well as provide users different methods of interaction with this information.

When designing a portal, it’s necessary to pay attention to the technical aspects of development (scalability, protection and backup of information, et cetera), as well as ease of use of the portal. With the required knowledge, workers of our studio take into account all this facts during the designing of the website. Due to the fact that the architecture of each project is developed individually, we can create a comfortable and reliable modules for your projects.

In general, the process of creating an Internet portal consists of the following steps:

  • 1

    Discussion of the objectives of the project and planning of steps of portal development

    1-2 weeks

    At this stage it’s necessary to determine the main goal of portal development - whether it has monetization system, or it must solve certain problems, and, according to this, the overall structure of the and future work plan will be done.

  • 2

    Development and approval of technical specifications

    1-3 weeks

    The next and very important step in creating an Internet portal is the development of technical specifications. In fact, this document will be used at all stages of development in the future. Well done technical specification can guarantee high-quality result of the project.

  • 3

    Creation of portal design (overall style and UI)

    2+ weeks

    At this stage of development the structural schemes of pages are being created, followed by the development of the general concept of style and design of blocks on each page. Creation of design of the portal is extremely important, because it determines the usability of the interface.

  • 4

    Development of the technical part of the portal

    3+ weeks

    The next major milestone in portal creation is to provide the technical part of the portal. As we have said, in our work we do not use any standard content management systems - each project is individually planned, so we can achieve high performance and system security.

  • 5

    Testing and debugging site, launch of beta-version

    1+ week

    The main errors are being eliminated at this stage.

  • 6

    Launch of the final version of the portal, final testing

    3+ days

    Creation of a portal ends with server configuration and deployment of systems. Portal can be visited by first users from now on.

development schedule

The whole process of portal development takes at least 2 months. Depending on the complexity of the project, the timing can reach 4 months or more

By the end of this stage concept is already formed and basic functionality is determined, target audience and connected with it requirements for server hardware are taken into account. Other organizational issues are also resolved.

Examples of developed portals

as an example of a portal, developed by Fresh Design Studio, we recommend that you check the following works:

Система планирования Альфа-Банк Система проведения турниров «WePlay.tv» Портал для представителей Fashion-индустрии «District2 pt co» Сервис планирования свадеб «WedNav»